About this Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement aims to explain in a simple and transparent way which personal data PRECISION SPORTS gathers about their relations and how PRECISION SPORTS processes it. It applies to the following people:

  • All past, present and prospective PRECISION SPORTS customers. PRECISION SPORTS is legally obliged to retain personal data about our customers, also for a certain period once the relationship has ended, in compliance with ‘know your customer’ regulations.

Personal data refers to any information that tells PRECISION SPORTS something about customers or that PRECISION SPORTS can link to a single person. This includes customers (sur)name, address, date of birth, telephone number, Nationality , IP address or payment information. By processing PRECISION SPORTS means everything PRECISION SPORTS can do with this data such as collecting it, recording, storing, adjusting, organising, using, disclosing, transferring or deleting.

As a customer, you, share personal information with PRECISION SPORTS when you become a dealer and/or customer, and order our products and services or contact PRECISION SPORTS through one of our channels (email, website, telephone, social media). PRECISION SPORTS is both data controller and data processor. 

PRECISION SPORTS also uses data that is legally available from public sources such as chamber of commerce or credit reporting agencies to check whether a company can become a dealer of our products (labelled as customer from hereafter).

The types of data PRECISION SPORTS collects about our customers

The personal data PRECISION SPORTS collects includes:

  • Identification data, such as surname, date and place of birth, ID number, email address, copy of customers’ ID, Signature and the IP address of customers PC or mobile device. For special goods PRECISION SPORTS also needs a copy of the weapon license (WM16 recognition) from our customers. For some transactions  we are legally required to make a copy of your passport.
  • Business data; information that is required for PRECISION SPORTS to make sure the customers will receive products that customers request, such as Company name, Addresses, Postal Code. In order
  • Financial data, such as VAT number, invoices, credit notes, payslips, payment behaviour, customers’s purchase history, whether customers are registered with a credit register.
  • Online behaviour and preferences data, such as the IP address of customers mobile device or computer and the pages customers visit on PRECISION SPORTS’s website
  • Data about customers interests and needs that customers share with us, for example when customers contact our office, send an email or comment on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn).

What PRECISION SPORTS does with customers’ personal data

PRECISION SPORTS only uses customers personal data for legitimate business reasons. This includes:

  • Administration. When someone becomes a customer of PRECISION SPORTS, we are legally obliged to collect personal data that verifies customers identity (such as a copy of the weapon license (WM16 recognition) to assess whether PRECISION SPORTS can accept them as a customer. PRECISION SPORTS also needs to know the customers address or phone number to contact customers. Furthermore, customers have their own account at PRECISION SPORTS’s website to make it easier to place orders, change information, read product information, product news and have a clear overview of their payment status.
  • Product and service delivery. PRECISION SPORTS uses information about customers to be able to deliver orders on the right place and to keep customers updated on the delivery status. Also for returning and/or repairing products that are part of a customers order PRECISION SPORTS might need to use personal data.
  • Providing customers with the best-suited products and services. When customers visit our website or call PRECISION SPORTS’s office PRECISION SPORTS gathers information about our customers. PRECISION SPORTS analyses the results of our marketing activities to measure their effectiveness and the relevance of our campaigns. PRECISION SPORTS uses these analyses to optimize the level of service and to optimize our product assortments. PRECISION SPORTS may ask customers for feedback about our products and services and share this with certain members of our staff to improve our offering. PRECISION SPORTS might also use notes from conversations PRECISION SPORTS has with customers online, by telephone or in person to customise products and services.
  • Personalised marketing. PRECISION SPORTS may send customers letters, emails, or text messages offering them a product or service based on their personal circumstances. Customers are able to unsubscribe at any moment from such personalised offers. Customers have the right, not to consent or to object to personalised direct marketing or commercial activities, including profiling related to these activities.
  • Preventing and detecting fraud and data security: PRECISION SPORTS has a duty to protect customers personal data and to prevent, detect and contain data breaches. This includes information PRECISION SPORTS is obliged to collect about customers. To limit the damage in case of a data breach, PRECISION SPORTS only processes necessary personal data and will remove or anonymize whenever the data isn’t necessary any more for PRECISION SPORTS or any legal obligations. 

Who PRECISION SPORTS  shares customers data with and why

PRECISION SPORTS only shares data for the best possible services for our customers and to be able to execute daily business, like campaign monitor and Google Analytics. Furthermore, PRECISION SPORTS is compliant with the legal obligations of the South African Law. Consequently, PRECISION SPORTS might need to share personal data to a debt collection agency in case of payment issues. In case data processing by third company would be needed, PRECISION SPORTS requires these companies to sign an processor agreement. In this way the minimum requirements regarding the use of personal data are met.

Customer rights and how PRECISION SPORTS respects them

PRECISION SPORTS respects the rights for a customer to determine how they prefer personal information is used. These rights include:

Right to access, request, rectify and delete personal information 

Customers have the right to ask us for an overview of customers personal data that PRECISION SPORTS processes. Also, customers are able to ask PRECISION SPORTS to share their personal data. Furthermore, customers have the right to ask PRECISION SPORTS to rectify the data when personal data is incorrect. PRECISION SPORTS finds it important that customers see the added value of our mailings. Therefore, it is possible to unsubscribe or subscribe from this mailings at any time. Lastly, the customer has the right to ask PRECISION SPORTS to be forgotten. This means PRECISION SPORTS needs to remove all customers personal data permanently, within the limits of the law. Customers can email their request to info@precisionsports.co.za  and PRECISION SPORTS will come back to them in a reasonable time frame.

How we protect customers personal data

PRECISION SPORTS is optimizing an internal framework of policies and minimum standards across to keep customers’ data safe. These policies and standards are periodically updated to keep them up to date with regulations and market developments. They are prioritized depending on the impact and risk of the type of data and the technical & financial possibilities.
More specifically and in accordance with the law, PRECISION SPORTS takes appropriate technical and organisational measures (updated IT policy and internal training on the POPI Act) to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of customers’ personal data and the way it’s processed.

In addition, PRECISION SPORTS employees are subject to confidentiality and may not disclose personal data unlawfully or unnecessarily.

How long PRECISION SPORTS keeps customers personal data

PRECISION SPORTS is only allowed to keep customers personal data for as long as it’s still necessary for the purpose or as obliged by the legal storage period. After this PRECISION SPORTS will look for feasible solutions, like removing or anonymizing it.

Contact us

If customers want to know more about PRECISION SPORTS’s data policies and how PRECISION SPORTS uses customers’ personal, they can send PRECISION SPORTS an email to info@precisionsports.co.za  give PRECISION SPORTS a call.

Scope of this Privacy Statement

This is the Privacy Statement of PRECISION SPORTS Group and its trade names, PRECISION SPORTS Archery & PRECISION SPORTS Outdoor 
PRECISION SPORTS might need to amend this Privacy Statement to remain compliant with any changes in law and/or to reflect how our business processes personal data. This version was created 6 April 2019. The most recent version is available at www.precisionsports.co.za, as well as the companies websites.